Events for the University of Nottingham’s History Festival

We have been asked to participate in a History Festival organised by the University of Nottingham. Avid followers of our activities will of course know we have (repeatedly) run these events before, but do not fear – there is also a new and VERY exciting new project being worked on – so watch this space! More

Charlie & Bluebell Hill Boy – Launch Event Dec 7th

Following the publication of our brand new book Charlie & Bluebell Hill Boy, we invite you to the launch event:

7th December 2016 – 7pm

Nottingham Mechanics


Charlie & Bluebell Hill Boy – Our brand new book is out!

We are delighted to present our brand book:

Charlie & Bluebell Hill Boy

Two biographical sketches

By Colin Brett


What we have been up to…

Well, we always say that our online presence is updated rather irregularly, but still, sorry for not having posted any news for quite a while. More

103 Foresters – Project update

We have been asked how our 103 Foresters project is progressing and when to await the next pamphlet.* More

103 Foresters pamphlet series: Issue 3 now available

Since the start of 2014, we have been working on an extensive research project, looking into the cases of the 103 Sherwood Foresters who were sentenced to death or sentenced on mutiny charges during World War One.

We approached this from the outset as a long term project and plan to publish a series of pamphlets, looking into the individual cases as well as their wider context.

We are very pleased to announce that the third issue in our pamphlet series ‘103 Foresters’ is now available as a free download:

103 Foresters

Mutinies and Death Sentences in the Local Regiment – 1914-18

Issue 3: Wipers, Helles and beyond – Three Foresters’ death sentences, July 1915

Apologies as we are a few weeks (three to be precise!) behind schedule, but our original timetable was a bit optimistic. As always, this remains a work in progress.

Please find the new pamphlet, more information about the project and links to (marginally updated versions of) Issues 1 and 2 on the 103 Foresters page.

Distribute and quote as you like (non-commercial use only!).

Creative Commons License

103 Foresters pamphlet series – Issues 1 and 2 now available as free downloads

We are delighted to launch the first two issues of these pamphlets, the first introducing and contextualising the project, the second looking into the case of a soldier sentenced to death on the Western Front on February 5th, 1915.


103 Foresters project, Pamphlet launch, Sat 7th February

103 Foresters: Mutinies and death sentences in the local regiment – 1914-18

Pamphlet launch with talks, discussions, tea and biscuits

Sat 7th February, 2015, 2-4pm

See also digital leaflet or our events page.

Room A18/19, Department of History

Lenton Grove (building number 5 on the University Park Campus map) More

Putkowski lecture on exexuted Foresters – 18th October

We were thrilled to hear that Julian Putkowski, renowned author of Shot at Dawn – Executions in World War One under the Authority of the British Army Act, will be giving a lecture at the University of Nottingham regarding the eight Foresters executed during WWI. More

103 Foresters project – Update

A few months ago, we announced our current research project: ‘103 Foresters’. In short, we are researching the cases of the 103 soldiers who served in the local regiment (then known as the Sherwood Foresters) and were either sentenced to death or sentenced on mutiny charges by courts martial during World War One. More

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