Another Castle Walk

Red Rope have asked us whether we can take their local group on another walk To the Castle.

Feel free to come along, please see for more information.


To the Castle!

We are very glad to announce our first guided walk To the Castle! since the before times.


Events for the University of Nottingham’s History Festival

We have been asked to participate in a History Festival organised by the University of Nottingham. Avid followers of our activities will of course know we have (repeatedly) run these events before, but do not fear – there is also a new and VERY exciting new project being worked on – so watch this space! More

What we have been up to…

Well, we always say that our online presence is updated rather irregularly, but still, sorry for not having posted any news for quite a while. More

Once more ‘To the Castle!’

We have been asked by those organising the University of Nottingham’s ‘Being Human’ festival to run another of our popular guided walks ‘To the Castle!’.

And so we shall venture off once more on:

Saturday, 19th November 2016
Start 4pm St Peter Square (outside M&S)

As always this event is free of charge and wheelchair accessible.

For details please see our events page.

‘Nottingham Rising…’ reprinted

We are delighted to announce that we had to reprint our book Nottingham Rising…, with all the remaining copies of the first print now out in various bookshops (see below). More

New book ‘Nottingham Rising’ free digital edition

As we are always keen to make all our work available to anyone free of charges, please see this free digital edition of our new book. More

The new book is out!

At our recent walks ‘To the Castle!’ (see the Twitter feed for some photos) we had to disappoint crowds who were (possibly?/probably?/surely!) most impatient to pick up our new book, but now we can happily announce that it is finally out and available! More

Thanks for coming along ‘To the Castle!’

Thank you very much to everyone who came to our two walks, ‘To the Castle!’, retracing the 1831 Reform Riots. All in all more than 100 people joined us on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November for our guided walks, that was fantastic.


More walks ‘To the Castle’ retracing the 1831 Reform Riots

We are very happy to announce that we have been asked to hold another two of our popular walks on the weekend 15th-16th November as part of a of events by various groups and institutions to be held on that weekend. More information on those, as well as exact dates and times for our walks will be confirmed in due course.

The walks will be retracing the 1831 Reform Riots and will as always be free of charge and wheelchair accessible.

Please have a look at the leaflet, our brief timeline of riots in Nottingham in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the handout for the night, and please also browse our extensive pamphlet regarding the events of 1831.


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