Name a Tram

NET, the people who run Nottingham’s tram network are looking for names for their new trams.

The names for the existing trams are a mixed bag. Inevitably there’s a Robin Hood. There’s also various local celebrities (Torvill and Dean, Brian Clough, Carl Froch) and some community figures.

We think that the new trams are a great opportunity to recognise some of the figures from Nottingham’s radical past. There are any number of people we could have named and many more whose names are lost in the mists of time. However, we’ve selected a few.

You might want to support some of these suggestions yourself. Or come up with your own.

You’ve got until Friday 24th April. More

Rethinking Luddism in Nottinghamshire – Audio recording

It has been quite a while since Matthew Roberts gave his excellent talk on Nottinghamshire Luddism at the Sparrows’ Nest, drawing in the biggest crowd we ever had at an indoor event (thanks again to the Nottingham Women’s History Group for the promotion!). More

Audio recorded Luddism talk

Sorry it took so long, but the first part of the recording of Matthew Roberts brilliant Luddism talk is now online, the rest will follow soon.

Rethinking Luddism in Nottinghamshire

22nd September 2012 2pm at the Sparrows’ Nest.


Timeline “Riotous Nottingham”

Please see this Handout given out at the Youth Heritage Conference for a short introduction to the turbulent history of Nottingham in the late 18th and early 19th century.

200th anniversary of Luddism

Although machine breaking was not a new strategy, in March 1811 began what became known as Luddism. More

Today in Notts Histreh: Luddite direct action (30th November 1811)

By November 1811 frame-breaking, undertaken in the name of ‘Ned Ludd’, had become a regular occurrence. These three letters indicate, amongst other interesting aspects, the level of panic amongst officials who regarded the Luddites’ activities as a very serious threat. More