To the Castle! Film online

The audio version of our popular walk “To the Castle!”, retracing the 1831 Reform Riots in Nottingham, was transformed into a slideshow video in two parts. Enjoy!

Part 1 & Part 2

Timeline “Riotous Nottingham”

Please see this Handout given out at the Youth Heritage Conference for a short introduction to the turbulent history of Nottingham in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Another walk to the Castle… 20th May 2pm

Fairly spontaniously, following the request of some people who had missed the last ones, we will be having another guided walk To The Castle retracing the steps of those who burned down Nottingham Castle in 1831.

We will gather outside St Peter’s Church this coming Sunday 20th May, 2pm.

For more information see the Events and Archive pages.

An update…

It has indeed been a while since this page was last updated. Apologies, but that does not mean we have seized to exist or stopped working. We were merely caught up in less enjoyable tasks and when there was time for Histreh activities, we were simply reading about great stuff.

In any case we will try to unearth and write up more interesting stuff asap. So please come back to this blog and keep an eye out for upcoming events etc.

Cheese for nought!

We will hold a talk and discussion session on Nottingham’s 1766 Great Cheese Riot in the Market Square at the Occupy Nottingham Camp (Market Square) on Wednesday 9th November 6.30pm (after the General Assembly).

To the Castle! 2nd revised edition

We can finlly announce that the 2nd revised edition of our To the Castle! pamphlet (looking into the Reform Riots in Nottingham and its neighbourhood) is ready to download.

If you would rather like a printed version (£3.50) please send us an email.

Sunday 19th June ‘La Commune – Paris 1871’

From 12.30pm at The Sparrows’ Nest (St Anns). More

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