We Radical Histerians are a diverse group of people interested in Nottingham’s long and turbulent history of dissent, unrest and rebellion.

From Diggers, Food Rioters, Castle Torchers, Luddites and Chartists through to WWI deserters, the General Strike, the Spanish Civil War and the anti-poll tax struggle there is a lot to be unearthed. The most amazing, inspiring, shocking and outrageous stories leap out wherever someone scratches the surface.

We organise events like talks and guided walks and publish books and pamphlets in an effort to tell the stories of the – often forgotten – people who stirred things up over the course of Nottingham’s and Nottinghamshire’s history.

For some more details, please see our latest leaflet (August 2015).

You can find us on Twitter, Youtube, or email us: peopleshistreh [at] riseup.net

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