Book Launch: Face Blind in Berlin, Suffolk and Gedling

To celebrate the release of Loaf On A Stick’s latest publication, Chris Cook Cann’s Face Blind in Berlin, Suffolk and Gedling, there will be an event at the Jam Cafe on Thursday, January 23rd, 7pm. The author has sent out the following invitation:

I’d love to see you at the Jam Cafe, 12 Heathcote St, NG1 3AA, between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday, January 23rd for the launch of my memoirs.

I am the surviving founder of Mushroom Bookshop (Nottingham’s former radical bookshop), and the book has material on that, as well as other local stuff (including non-violent direct action in the 1980s, working in Nottingham libraries, the campaign to save daycare at Hayward House, and being a Masked Bookseller). There’s also material about Berlin in the 1960s, with me becoming some kind of child spy. I’m face blind, and incidents where this causes complications are scattered throughout my memoirs. Of course, there’s also stuff for people interested in hamsters, midnight feasts and caves/tunnels under Nottingham.

The book is profusely illustrated with photos, documents, and a cartoon within the text; and additionally there are ten full pages of plates. There are also boxes listing what I was reading at various points in my life.

It’s a memoir; a record of its time; a love affair with books; a continuing protest; and a dire warning about what can happen if you forget about pubic hair.

At the Jam Cafe, there will be an introduction; readings from the book; stuff to look at; time for questions and chat; and, of course, some launching. You will have the opportunity to buy the book, and to enjoy the Jam Cafe.

Jam Cafe is in Mushroom’s former premises, so I’m particularly grateful to be allowed to hold the event in such an appropriate venue.


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