Remembering the 1968 Revolts – Pamphlet and audio recordings now available

Following our event remembering the 1968 Revolts, audio recordings of the talks and a shiny new pamphlet are now available!

Half a century after deeply-rooted conflicts erupted into open revolts all around the globe, a number of groups and individuals came together in Nottingham to remember the 1968 Revolts from a local perspective.

For audio recordings of the talks held at the event see Valentine Yarnspinner’s YouTube channel. To read about these …Voices from Nottingham, and to access primary sources etc., please find our new pamphlet at Five Leaves Bookshop for only £3. You can also access a free digital version on this blog:

Remembering the 1968 Revolts – Voices from Nottingham

By Julian Atkinson, Jill Westby, Ruth Tanner, Val Wood, Tina Pamplin & Mike Hamlin

Edited and with an introduction by Valentine Yarnspinner for People’s Histreh.


Loaf On A Stick Press, Nottingham 2018, pamphlet, 52 pages.

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