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Well, we always say that our online presence is updated rather irregularly, but still, sorry for not having posted any news for quite a while.

103 Foresters

Our 103 Foresters project is continuing, our apologies for not having published anything in the last year. After having to take a bit of a break from reading about people killing each other, we have been quietly beavering away for some months now, working through very extensive collections of primary sources, etc. In short, we have stopped going through the 103 cases chronologically (which is the main reason why we have not published any more pamphlets looking into individual cases). Doing this for the first few cases gave us great opportunities to explore what primary sources there are (not) available, whilst also doing a lot of background reading and trying a few different routes how we can approach the cases, especially those where there is very little hard evidence to work with.

Building on this earlier work, we have now taken a step back and looked at all the cases, for instance to ascertain which ones are particularly promising in terms of surviving primary evidence, etc. In doing so, we also had a major breakthrough in examining the cases of our Kantara base mutineers (hooray!), but we shall need a good while longer before we are able to publish anything on this.

So the work continues, please hang in there if you have been waiting for the fourth pamphlet in our series, there will be more, but for now we still need more time before anything new can be put online or in print.

Thanks for your patience!

Mystery project

Another reason why more Foresters pamphlets have not yet been published is a mystery project that should result in a shiny new Loaf On A Stick Press book, probably published just in time for Xmas! No spoilers for now, but watch this space…

Another walk…

We have been asked by those organising the University of Nottingham’s ‘Being Human’ festival to run another of our popular guided walks ‘To the Castle!’. For details please see our events page.

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