103 Foresters pamphlet series – Issues 1 and 2 now available as free downloads

We are delighted to launch the first two issues of these pamphlets, the first introducing and contextualising the project, the second looking into the case of a soldier sentenced to death on the Western Front on February 5th, 1915.

Since the start of 2014, we have been working on an extensive research project, looking into the cases of the 103 Sherwood Foresters who were sentenced to death or sentenced on mutiny charges during World War One.

We approached this from the outset as a long term project and plan to publish a series of pamphlets, looking into the individual cases as well as their wider context.

The first two pamphlets are now available on as free downloads (distribute and quote as you like – non-commercial use only!):

103 Foresters – Issue 1:

Introducing and contextualising our research project

Featuring an introduction to the project, information on the subject of military law and its enforcement during WWI in general and regarding capital punishments and mutiny prosecutions in particular. The pamphlet also summarises the cases of the 103 Foresters.

103 Foresters – Issue 2:

The First Case – W Harvey’s death sentence, Western Front, February 1915

Examining and debating the backgrounds of the soldiers in Harvey’s unit, who were sent into France in 1914. Also outlining their early wartime experiences during Winter 1914-15, before discussing W Harvey’s identity and the circumstances of his case.

Please keep an eye on our blog for upcoming publications in this series as well as other news and updates. Please contact us with comments, criticism, etc.

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