Our new project…

Just to let you know, we have been working on and completed preliminary research into our newest research project. So we have not been (totally) idle/simply repeating the same stuff time and again 🙂

However, please give us another couple of months or so until we can properly announce what we will be doing from August 2014 until 2018.

You probably already guessed from these dates that we are also working on a World War One related project, and it should come as little surprise that we will abstain from joining in with the flag waving.

So much can be told already: we have started an extensive research project aiming to tell the stories of 103 people who joined the local regiment. Given the complexity of the research and the number of people involved, this project comes with a proper Four Year Plan (!). However, there will be a number of events, updates and hopefully semi-regular (mini-)publications (digitally and possibly in print) as the project progresses.

Watch this space!

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