Only the wetness of the night prevented further mischief…

Indeed it was cold, windy and at times a bit wet, so we are even more thrilled and thankful that all in all 53 people came to our walk To the Castle! yesterday!

If anyone did not get them (or if they got soggy) please see our two handouts regarding the 1831 riots and a timeline of riots in Nottingham 1766-1831 (i.e. from the Great Cheese Riot to the Reform Riots).

Once again thanks a lot for coming, please keep an eye on this blog or get in touch to join the mailing list for upcoming events.

If you want to hear more about the turbulent and inspiring history of the people of Nottingham, we can very much recommend a talk in November (Saturday 16th November 2013, 2pm), organised by the Nottingham Women’s History Group:

Infidels, Socialists, Chartists – some notable Women in Nottingham in mid-nineteenth century Nottingham

Speaker: Chris Richardson, author of the exciting new book City of Lights…

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