Audiotour as Smartphone App

Our audio version of the ‘To the Castle!’ guided walk retracing the 1831 Reform Riots is now available as a GPS assisted smartphone application.

Many thanks to the researchers of the University of Nottingham (Claire Taylor, Mike Craven and Liz FitzGerald) who developed the walk into this amazing app as part of a feasability study for the Towards Pervasive Media project. The study was recently presented
at a conference in Broadway Cinema.

The platform we used for doing the geolocated audio was called 7scenes: – the public website for the “To the Castle” trail is at – if you click on ‘activity’ you can see the trails of anyone who has logged in.

The app is available on both iPhone (via the App Store) and Android (via the Marketplace). You can’t listen to the audio on the website though, you can only see the media locations on a map and see what activity there has been there recently.

Have fun and please share any feedback.

For more information about the Towards Pervasive Media project please contact Dr Claire Taylor in the School of History, University of Nottingham.

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