Brilliant documents No4 – Staveley and Wood Map of Nottingham (1829)

A fascinating and detailled map of the town Nottingham before the enclosures of the common fields began in 1845 (see chapter 1.2. in our booklet ‘To the Castle’).The map is courtesy of the Nottinghamshire Archives. Thanks again for giving us permission to use it on this website.

Full title: Staveley, E./Wood, H.M.: To the Right Honourable Henry Richard Vassall Lord Holland, Recorder of Nottingham, and to the Right Worshipful The Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Councils thereof. This Plan of the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham and of the several extra Parochial place within the Libertines of the Castle, together with parts of the Parishes of Lenton, Radford and Sneinton, in the County of Nottingham – From Surveys made in the Years 1827, 1828 & 1829 is dedicated with every sentiment of respect by their most obedient servants E. Staveley & H.M. Wood; Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives.

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