Riot Walk Materials

Sorry that it took us a while, but here are the materials of the guided walk retracing the Reform Riots.

Excepts of historical sources

Daniel Defoe’s description of Nottingham

Engels description of back-to-back houses in Nottingham

Felkin’s description of a female framework-knitter in Leicester

Tackwell’s description of the Riots

Hicklin‘s description of the Riots

Nottingham Journal articles

Diary entries by the Fourth Duke of Newcastle

The Mercury’s description of the Riots (part 1)

The Mercury’s description of the Riots (part 2)

The Mercury’s description of the Riots (part 3)

Broadsheet describing life and executions of three persons murdered on the scaffold after the Riots


Stop 1

Stop 2

Stop 3

Stop 7

On Sunday October 10th, we organised our first guided walk, retracing the “Reform Riots” of 1831. More than 50 people came along and we even got the sun to come out for us.

Local photographer Alan Lodge was one of the people who joined us check out his reports on Notts Indymedia:

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